Dana-i versus Ypsopump

We have used the Ypsomed Ypsopump and Dana-i pumps both for some time. Both combined with different software and different sensors. You can read my Dutch comparison of Dexcom G7 versus Libre 3 here.

Biggest disadvantages for Dana:
-Dana-i with Libre 3 sensor is no-go for CamAPS
-CamAPS app might not be for free

Advantages Dana-i:
-Rock solid, steady performance
-Bluetooth BLE 5.0 verbinding met telefoons
-You can fill up to what you need. No need to throw away lots of insulin.

Advantages Ypsopump:
-Look better
-Very slightly smaller
-Very slightly lighter
-Filling insuline easy and fast
-Deaerate the infusion set or giving big doses of insuline takes almost no time. Much faster than the Dana pump.
Disadvantages Ypsopump:
-CamAPS comes pre-paid / included
-Weird errors at random moments (blockage, general errors in need of reboot pump or exchanging the insulin cartridge and infusion set).
-Dutch Ypso support overloaded, infusion set scarcety, waiting list to start this pump.

Our current (winning) setup:
Pump: Dana-i
Sensor: Abbott Freestyle Libre 3 (Juggluco reading the sensor)
Software: AndroidAPS (the brains)

Bolus increments0,1 U0,05 UDana best
Insulin Capacity160 U300 UDana best
Bluetooth4.0 Low Energy5.0 Low EnergyDana best (better range)
Protection classIPX8IP68Ypso best
Sizes pump7,8 × 4,6 × 1,6 cm?Ypso best
Weight (incl. battery)83 gr86 grYpso best